Lizzy and Mom take on Peru

We will be publishing a series of blog posts by Elizabeth Williams, the daughter of Kathy Williams, who is director of communications for the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville. Elizabeth provides a fresh and witty travelogue of their trip to Peru September 29–October 13 2019.

Lizzy in Peru

Hey y’all! The blog is back in action. No, this is not Lizzy goes to Spain 3.0… but something just as cool. It’s Lizzy and her mom go to Peru 1.0! For a whole year!!!! Jk… it’s only two weeks, but a girl can dream can’t she?!

Why are we going to Peru you might ask? We’re becoming Netflix famous and making a documentary. Sorry still dreaming here… No, we are going for my mother’s work. My mom works for an order of Sisters called the Ursuline Sisters. They are here in Louisville (greatest city ever). She is their Communications Director. She is a bomb graphic designer, and writer, and just an all around awesome human being.. anyways I digress. My mom is basically the Sisters’ spokesperson. She gets their stories heard. Part of her job is to get all of the stories of the Sisters so they can be…

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